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After not being able to see so many people I feel like I should reintroduce myself as I've been so quiet recently and I thought why not share 10 random facts about me!

  1. I travelled to Poland and Tanzania when I was 15/16 to volunteer.

  2. I live near Aberaeron, West Wales

  3. I can speak Welsh and English fluently and am currently learning Polish.

  4. I'm a lefty!

  5. I'm a massive RuPauls Drag Race fan!

  6. My nicknames are Emmy/Ems/Em

  7. I really really hate wooden cutlery or even an ice lolly wooden stick, I can only just about hold an ice lolly..

  8. I'm a twin!

  9. I took my maths GCSE exam 3 times

  10. I have a scar on my face from where my brother hit me with golf club..

Well there's my 10 random facts. I'm really missing being able to see people and just have a chat. I really can't wait to get back photographing everyones smiles and create memories for you all.

Em x

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