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Trying to be creative..

I am going to be honest, lockdown is hard. I'm lucky I live in a gorgeous place (West Wales) with all the gorgeous views we have but I have struggled. I feel I've struggled to be creative. I have all these amazing ideas but actually doing any of them is hard.

I've done a few mini shoots with what I have laying around the house and I've really enjoyed it when I get back into it! I'm trying to teach myself to use what I have to create simple yet stunning images. I started by photographing the beer bottles and then moved onto the gin and I remember starting to feel excited again and enjoying being in the studio again. I haven't been able to do anything since without criticising my work heavily and thinking it's no good. Hopefully once I can get out and about again and start photographing what I love (all you lovely people) then I'm sure I'll start being creative again.

My next idea is to try and keep using what I have around the house to create more gorgeous shots. I might even try taking some items out and about into the gorgeous place I live in. Photoshoots of gin on the beach sounds like my perfect afternoon!! watch this space!!

Thanks for reading,

Em x

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