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My top 10 things to remember when photographing a party!

I think it’s fair to say I have done my fair share of parties, that being 50ths, 40ths, 18ths (mostly!) and the odd kids party!

Here is a list of 10 items I make sure is in my car ready for the busy night ahead of me!

1. Backdrop - I very rarely do a party without my backdrop! I always use my white sheet for a clean look. Also by having this you have a safe place to move back to if you feel all the dance floor photos are looking bit samey-same, you can get people to come up and have a photo but usually people want to come up and have their photo taken!

YFC Queens Ball - Royal Pier 2018

2. Props! What goes well with a Photo Booth other than the photographer? Props! They are THE best way to break the ice (if you’re finding it a little bit tense or quiet). I always make a joke with the client or guests and try to get them too wear the funniest or as many as possible, but they usually just dive in themselves! - On where to buy props I do already have a blog post about that! Scroll down my blog page to find it!

18th - Aberaeron Rugby Club 2018

3. Electrical tape - This stuff has saved my life SO many times!! For example , I was at a party last night and my external flash decided it was not playing ball, so i did what I always do. If in doubt, electrical tape it!!

Jack's 18th - The White Swan Llanon, May 2018

4. Lights - So for this I never used to take lights (I always found them to harsh on peoples faces!!) So i Would just use the lights Ive got there plus my flash! But recently I bought a cheap soft box off of amazon for £27.99 and it is fab! I just plonk it in the middle and shoot away! People also love using it for their selfies!!

Sions 18th - Penrhyncoch football club - 7th December 2018

5. pop-up - I always pack my pop-up to every event I attend! It’s such an easy way to get peoples attention and to promote your business without having to really do anything! I always place mine opposite the Photo Booth therefore when people ask me where will my photos be shown? On my facebook page! and point to my big massive logo on my pop-up!

DJ Bry at Queens Ball - Royal Pier 2018

6. Caution tape - Caution tape i use to keep wires down and keep my backdrop attached to the floor, otherwise it becomes dangerous when the floor is wet and slippy! I also keep a few rolls of electric tape just incase anything happens with my wires!

Jack's 18th - The White Swan Llanon - May 2018

7. Promotional items - So when I say promotional items I mean Price lists, business cards and discount codes! I scatter these all over the venue so anyone can pick them up and hopefully keep for when they need a photographer! I always pop some by the food, on every table service, on the bar (with the bar staffs permission!) and on a notice board if I see one!! I also keep a handful of business cards in my pocket for if someone asks for my details I have quick access to them!

Queens Ball - The Royal Pier 2018

8. Myself in my branded clothing - I always wear my branded clothing, whether its at a wedding, 18th party, christening, family photo session! I think it looks smart, I don’t have to think about what to throw on in the morning, but most of all its practical!! I have done jobs in the passed where I was wearing a V neck top and I couldn’t lean down to pick up any props without revealing myself to everyone!

Vanessa's birthday - Aberystwyth Football club 2018

9. Spare memory card and batteries - I always carry the memory card that is in my camera and a spare! Incase anything happens or if I fill the first memory card! I also carry a spare battery with me!

Vanessa's birthday - Aberystwyth Football Club 2018

10. Camera body and lenses! - I obviously always bring my camera! I also always carry a spare camera! again, incase anything happens! I then carry my lenses that fit on both cameras! Sometimes if Im finding it to be a busy party where I need to switch lenses a lot I get my backup camera out and use it as a second camera!

Queens Ball - The Royal Pier 2018

So there you have it, my list of the top 10 things I have with me ready for a party Photo Booth!

Em x

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