My top tips for photography!

When I started out doing any sort of photography, blogs are where I went for inspiration, hints and tips and help (mostly)! I used other photographers work for inspiration and it helped me shape my own style! I tested and tried different styles out by recreating other photographers work before I was able to create my own with my own ideas! I still use work off of sites like pinterest to inspire my photography but I use my knowledge to add my own twist.

Lighting is key! - Always keep on eye on how the lighting will effect your models skin tone, what shadows it will make appear on their faces, whether they will be squinting from the sun etc! When I’m photographing I am constantly thinking of ways to incorporate what I want in the background with how I will get a natural and flattering lighting on their face! Also if shooting in a studio I am able to create almost anything I want! I can create all different types of atmospheres in the studio just by using lighting!

Here I used a black backdrop and 1 soft box light, by facing the light only very slightly at the model face I was able to capture the shadows onto her face.