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Rosalie - West Wales Portrait Photographer

On Friday, 31st of August 2018, I had the pleasure of working with Rosalie. She really is a natural and knows exactly what she wants do to and what type of photos she wanted! Can we also keep in mind that she is six, six years old and knows how to work with the camera!!!

We started the day in the Plas Crug Avenue using the natural lighting and ideas off pinterest to guide us to our perfect shots! Once we were comfortable and were in the creative space we no longer needed the help from pinterest we were just going with the flow. I love using our home towns as our backdrops, we live in such a gorgeous part of the world and I love to incorporate it into my work!

We used a lot of different props to create these images, and Rosalie was the one who chose most of them and decided what we would do with them! After using Plas Crug Avenue as our backdrop we decided to go on to shoot at the train station, we used the suitcase as our prop and shot for around 10 minutes there.

We then headed over to the beach to get a few shots as it was a gorgeous day! We started off in one of the shelters on the promenade, we managed to get a lot of gorgeous shots here using constitution hill and the sea as our backdrops! The colours that we had were absolutely beautiful! after that we moved onto the beach to get some shots.

I am really happy with how the photos came out and how we were able to create them! I thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Rosalie, she was a natural!! I look forwards to our next shoot together!

Em x

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